Joseph L Esposito

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    Up to 68% Off a Chiropractic-Exam Package
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Being a well-adjusted individual takes more than abstaining from pants-less fashion trends and toting hummus buckets on a crowded train. Chiropractic services can help align the body’s components and promote overall health. Even if you don't suffer from back pain, chiropractic care can make your body more inhabitable for muscles, nerves, and organs, and a properly aligned spine can improve symptoms of depression as well. At Health Plus Wellness Center, Dr. Joe Esposito brings years of spine-soothing experience to the proverbial table made of elephant-spine proverbs and papier-mâché. Patients will benefit from a bevy of chiropractic treatments split over two visits. The first visit entails an informative consultation about the patient’s health condition, a thorough examination, and x-rays that peek in your skeleton attic to diagnose unseen problems. The doctor will study your x-rays and health history before inviting you for a second appointment, during which you'll get a thorough explanation of the doctor's findings before the chiropractor gives you a body-aligning adjustment.

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