Cafe Bella

5948 Snider Rd Mason, OH 45040


Helmed by owner Freweini “Bella” Andemicael, Cafe Bella's menu rattles off hearty Mediterranean and Italian fare, along with authentic African Eritrean dishes available each Wednesday. Bella’s hummus teams up with pickled red peppers, feta cheese, and a warm pita ($7), and lentil and vegetable soup spices itself with mild curry ($2 for a cup, $4 for a bowl) on the dinner menu. Tortellini packed with bacon, mushrooms, and nutmeg receives a parmesan cream coating ($15), and a juicy fillet mignon ($27) and a plate of scallops paired with spinach, pesto, and goat cheese along with mashed potatoes and blackberry balsamic ($20) fight for space in your stomach.

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