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7601 Lewinsville Road Mc Lean, VA 22102


Dr. Michael Timothy Gocke and his team of professionals work to firm up frontispieces showing the signs of age using FDA-approved Botox treatments. During the appointment, a steady-handed doctor injects a tiny needle filled with skin-smoothening serum into the face's crinkly acreage, slowing down hyperactive facial muscles by inhibiting nerve impulses and spasmodic expressions of befuddlement. The botulinum-laced tonic can fade forehead worry lines, crow's-feet, and smile ravines from the visage for up to four months, although results generally take 3–10 days after treatment to become visible. To ease any discomfort, sensitive face owners can opt for an application of anesthetic cream or an ice pack during the procedure. The noninvasive treatment results in little to no downtime, allowing patients to return to their normal activities of working, raising a family, or imitating Mister Ed soon after treatment.

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