Midsouth Indoor Rowing

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552 S Main St Memphis, TN 38103


MidSouth offers classes multiple times every day but Sunday, including doubly intense, half-hour "Power 30" sessions (all other sessions are 50 minutes). Mounted on a top-of-the-line Concept 2 rower and emboldened by the technical feedback and boisterous encouragement of your rowfittest instructors, you'll row your way into the flexing, chiseled realm of the Rowverse. With regular rowing, you can get as shredded as a block of cheese in a Mexican restaurant and ably equipped with boulder shoulders, promontory pecs, granite abs, and Grand Teton biceps. Best of all, it’s a low-impact, easy-on-the-joints workout that won't melt your knees or aggravate your ol' "hopscotch ankle."