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    50% Off Beauty Treatments at Merle Norman
    Bartlett Corporate Park
    $70 $35 0.3 miles
  2. 2
    Up to 54% Off Hair and Nail Treatments
    Bartlett Corporate Park
    $39 $18 0.4 miles
  3. 3
    Up to 54% Off Manicure, Spa Pedicure or Both
    $18 $9 1.9 miles
  4. 4
    Up to 56% Off Haircut, Kids Braids, or Extensions
    $80 $35 1.9 miles
  5. 5
    56% Off Perms
    $90 $40 2.2 miles
  6. 6
    Up to 55% Off Massages
    $80 $40 2.8 miles
  7. 7
    Up to 68% Off Detox Tummy Wraps
    Bartlett Ridge
    $140 $59 2.8 miles
2760 N Germantown Pkwy Memphis, TN 38133


Armed with current techniques for properly maintaining noggin lawns, Regis Salon’s network of stores keeps clients’ hair in order as dictated by the latest trends. Within this caravan of hair bazaars, customers’ wild manes are tamed by skillful stylists; use your Groupon toward a shampoo, cut, and blow-dry, and lean back and dream of breakdancing Stay Puft Marshmallow Men as a stylist carefully cleanses hair with shampoo and conditioner and then clips it into stylish head hedges that beautifully complement scalp-garden pathways. Afterward, the hair that’s left behind will receive a loving blow-dry for a style that gleams and glitters like a ruby-encrusted bowling ball. During the treatment, stylists offer helpful tips and tricks to help clients care for hair at home. If a shampoo and cut isn't your cup of sports drink, put your Groupon toward the cost of another service, such as hair coloring (starting at $52), highlights (starting at $75), or a perm (starting at $75).

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