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497 N Hollywood St Memphis, TN 38112


Teresa White, AKA "Blown Fuse," zooms around the track, knocking into her roller-derby opponents while fans cheer. She's clearly not afraid of breaking a nail. During the day, however, White gives her alias a second meaning and demonstrates her delicate side—she's an artist and a teacher, and her choice medium is glass. 

It wasn't always easy for White to work in glass, however. Even though she earned her bachelor of fine arts degree from Memphis College of Art, she had to rely on friends, books, and videos to teach her the more specialized techniques of glass fusing and blowing, as reported by the Commercial Appeal. Wishing to share her new knowledge and give others access to the glasswork instruction that she couldn't easily find, she opened Studio 1688 and began teaching. 

Today, backed by 14 years of teaching experience, White leads beginner to advanced classes in glass blowing, fusing, slumping, and flame work, teaching students the fine arts of shaping glass pendants, coasters, and ornaments of their own. In her studio, she also fills clients' orders for custom pieces, such as tailor-made sink basins, sushi sets, and oil lamps.

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