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3055 E Fairview Ave Meridian, ID 83642


Mother-daughter duo Lee Wilson and Jenn Stevens founded Lhotse Yoga because they believed the benefits of yoga were too great to keep to themselves. Both Lee––who works a full-time job as a massage therapist––and Jenn––a mother of three––saw a boost in their energy levels thanks to the practice, while their waistlines shrunk 25 and 60 pounds, respectively. At Lhotse, they've created a yoga curriculum that includes the heated and nonheated styles that helped them reach their current state of well-being. Beginning yoga takes place in a nonheated or low-temperature studio so that students can focus on alignment and breathing, and hot yoga sends studio temps soaring up to 100 degrees in order to loosen the muscles for easier posing. Unlike traditional Bikram yoga classes that follow the same series of 26 postures, Yoga Alliance-certified instructors keep a quicker pace with more dynamic moves, keeping participants on their toes and preventing tree poses from putting down permanent roots.


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