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6101 Martway St Mission, KS 66202


Although Signature Ballroom's instructors Abby Vogels and Matt Schissler introduce their students to a number of ballroom styles–from tango to foxtrot to samba–they also focus on fitness. During private lessons, they not only teach their charges the fancy footwork, but how to use the steps as a means of exercising and losing weight in a fun and creative way, much like completing a coloring book while running on a treadmill. Guests can also work out and build connections between one another with more modern techniques such as East and West Coast swing.

Already existing connections are further strengthened during wedding couples' dances. After teaching prenuptial footwork to just the bride and groom or the entire wedding party, the instructors provide a video of the choreography so their pupils can practice at home in preparation for the big day.

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