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    Half Off High-Speed Ferrari or Lamborghini Drive
    New Orleans Zephyrs
    $249 $125 0.8 miles
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    50% Off at Riverbend Auto Wash
    $24 $12 1.2 miles
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    Up to 57% Off at On The Spot Superior Auto Detail
    $190 $89 1.9 miles
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    50% Off Limo Rental
    On Location
    $300 $149 4.3 miles
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    68% Off Stretch Limo Charter
    Redeem from Home
    $460 $149 5.7 miles
200 Zinnia Avenue Metairie, LA 70001


Not content just to polish the hoods of Mercedes to their rightful sheen, the thorough technicians once refurbished an F-14 Tomcat, removing decades of grit from its hull and wings and returning its star insignia to a pristine white. In between detailing luxury cars and boats, the techs work on restoring a beautiful cherry-red Ferrari to the glittering condition it was in when it was first unwrapped from its enormous Hot Wheels packaging. They've been removing microscopic dirt and bumps from the finish during careful clay treatments and sealing the paint to prevent future scratches. The ace techs can finish a meticulous exterior detailing of a car or SUV in as little as one hour.

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