Art of Bellydance Studio & Boutique

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1431 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33139


Alexandra Lenis, who has danced with the Mid Eastern Dance Exchange since 2001, has a passion for honoring both the art and culture of belly dancing. Within her 1,000-square-foot studio safe, she and her team of talented instructors cultivate a non-competitive group atmosphere where dancers, regardless of their skill level, can learn and practice the proper techniques and postures for shimmies and rolls. The sound system sets the mood with Middle-Eastern music as students use veils and finger cymbals while sashaying across the shock-absorbent dance floor.

Lenis and her crew also lead Latin-inspired Zumba classes, which are more focused on keeping heart rates up than teaching precise hip swivels that can charm snakes out of their hiding spots in wicker baskets or seemingly innocuous cans of mixed nuts.

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