Bancroft Restaurant and Bar

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1501 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139


Some things are more advantageous when packaged as a dynamic duo: washing machines that double as dryers, soap that cleans both body and hair, a deep-fryer capable of administering flu shots, etc. Today’s Groupon lets you capitalize on a hybrid of the gastronomic variety: the resto-lounge. Twenty-five dollars gets you $50 worth of food and drink at the extravagantly deco Bancroft Supperclub, located right in the restored Bancroft Hotel on Collins Avenue.DJ Amy Benneton: Former child starlet of the sitcom Blame it on Bradford and the popular Hershie! film series, Amy Benneton grew to surpass the fame of her talking harp seal co-star and left acting entirely for a job on the DJ circuit. Now, at 21 years old, she’s finally old enough to drink in the clubs in which she performs, but refrains, due to her crippling allergy to fun.

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