La Sandwicherie

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229 14th St Miami Beach, FL 33139


Recently voted Miami's best sandwich by local eaters, La Sandwicherie has earned its savory stripes through the use of natural ingredients and bread baked fresh daily in its sandwiches. South Beach sandwichionados can opt for French bread or croissant bookends for their sandwich, with the usual array of toppings available to choose from, as well as the non-traditional topping of cornichons, French pickles rumored to give the power of dance to any who eat them. This Euro-centric flavor extends to La Sandwicherie's sandwich fillers as well. Alongside traditional cold-cut sandwiches skyscrapered with roast beef ($6.50), turkey ($6.25), or ham ($6.20), La Sandwicherie gets global in its gluttony with sandwiches topped with fresh mozzarella ($6.20), camembert ($6.20), pâté ($7.50), and prosciutto ($7.50). La Sandwicherie's French vinaigrette, another option for toption, is so beloved that La Sandwicherie sells bottles of it for customers to take home and use when lining their own sandwiches or Slip 'n Slides.