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    Up to 70% Off Boot Camp or Personal Training
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    Up to 87% Off Classes at Oceanfront Fitness LLC
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    74% Off Semiprivate Pilates Reformer Classes
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    81% Off CrossFit and BootCamp Classes in South Beach
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5300 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33140


Oceanfront Fitness LLC hones and tones bodies with classes that blend intensive training with scenic vistas of sunny South Florida. A team of dedicated instructors enhance the classes with backgrounds ranging from collegiate athletic stardom to intensive hours of yoga certification. Like a jackhammer with a Game Boy glued to it, each boot camp, hike, or kickboxing course makes hard work feel like fun, as students breathe the fresh, salty air of the beachfront or build muscle with functional movements. Zumba lessons fold a full cardio workout into dance routines set to foot-flailing Latin rhythms, and yoga and meditation classes healthfully center the mind and body.

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