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465 W 41st St Miami Beach, FL 33140


A former life coach, motivational speaker, and host of You Are the Light!, a cable TV show that aired in New York and Los Angeles for 15 years, Edwin Bergman knows a little bit about bending in multiple directions. Indeed, it wasn't a lack of flexibility that led Edwin to yoga, but instead, it was yoga's capacity to heal, strengthen, and revitalize that's had him practicing since 1989.

Today, Edwin shares what he's learned over the last two decades at his very own studio in Miami Beach. When describing his classes, Edwin uses words such as "strong," "focused," and "nurturing," making sure not to leave out that he keeps things "fun," too. In 2003, he traveled to India to deepen his understanding of yoga—just another stop on the extensive journey that is his training. Now, at his studio, Edwin blends all of that training into classic teachings that emphasize balance, precise instruction, and fluid movement.

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