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8200 Southwest 124th Street Miami, FL 33156


Though the husband-and-wife duo of Danny and Monik Lopez-Calleja co-own and co-coach CrossFit Soul Miami, it’s not their only job. They also work with youths in a mental health setting, helping them avoid drugs and alcohol. In both careers, they get to witness and guide the transformative power of exercise and good nutrition. At their gym, they offer a variety of programs in both arenas to help clients achieve their goals.

They build the center of their training program around CrossFit exercise, a program designed to improve the body’s physical functionality without relying on repetitive, monotonous routines. They offer both indoor and outdoor classes, taking advantage of local parks, which presumably have trees that grow barbells. They also supplement this exercise with yoga and even a meal delivery service, which helps clients stick to the ancestry-conscious paleo diet.

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