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    Up to 79% Off CrossFit Classes
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    57% Off Smoking-Cessation Therapy
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 86% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation
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    Up to 85% Off B12 Injections
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    Up to 73% Off Raspberry Ketones
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 78% Off Lipotropic-B12 Injections
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    Up to 81% Off at Classical Herbs And Acupuncture
    $230 $59 1.3 miles
8720 N Kendall Dr Miami, FL 33176


Dr. Marilyn Amaral and her smile-saving team rejuvenate wearied teeth with their compounded cosmetic and restorative dental expertise. A full inspection of the mouth begins the 90-minute procedure, during which cavity scouts check the teeth and gums for oral disease and smuggled lollipops. A series of four bitewing x-rays peers into the inner workings of chompers, ensuring that their beauty is not simply enamel-deep. Professional prophylaxis then removes clingy tartar and plaque, leaving grins gleaming brightly enough to blind uninvited encyclopedia salesmen. Houseplants and natural light lend the procedure rooms a homey feel. While waiting for their appointments, patients can set their eyes upon the guest room's television or hunt for unlicensed pictures of their pets in the assortment of magazines.

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