Imagenes Cosmetic Surg

8364 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33144


When it comes to receiving cosmetic treatments, knowing a board-certified surgeon is at the helm can make patients feel at ease. When it’s four board-certified surgeons, even the strongest of worries are set at ease. Doctors Stephanie Stover, Richard Lung, Mario Reyes-Serrano, and Wendell Perry of Imagenes Cosmetic Center erase the effects of gravity by combining their experience in general, plastic, and reconstructive surgery in a supergroup of surgeons, complete with flowing capes and meteor-powered stethoscopes. Several of them are bilingual, and they all believe in creating the most natural results possible with such techniques as tightening the inner tissues of the face during a facelift to avoid a “windswept” look and lifting eyelids without changing a patient’s natural eye shape.

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