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9750 N Kendall Dr Miami, FL 33176


Kendall Car Wash transforms dirt-bedecked vehicles into glossy street sailors with professional sprucing services. The gold-wax special, which includes an interior vacuuming and comprehensive window-wiping, provides premium pampering for four-wheeled friends begrimed from work commutes and drag races against jaguars at the zoo. A car cleanser sluices away undercarriage filth, bastes sullied surfaces with sealer, polish, and clear coat, and sheathes the entire vehicle in a protective Teflon wax to produce a squint-inducing shine that shields against besmirching dirt and dust. Tires undergo an application of tire shine and wheel bright to turn them into rotating paragons of vehicular hygiene. To cap off the service, professional staffers hand dry cars top to bottom with microfiber towels and, like lollipop-lavishing pediatricians, reward them for not driving away at the first sign of a needle hose with a sweet-smelling air freshener.

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