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    41% Off Helicopter Tour for Three
    Newport East
    $195 $115 0.8 miles
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    Half Off Tour and Tasting at Newport Vineyards
    $24 $12 1.5 miles
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    Half Off a BYOB Yacht Cruise for Two
    $400 $199 2.7 miles
866 West Main Road Middletown, RI 02842


Film buffs across six states stare wide-eyed at large cinema screens, losing themselves in first-run Hollywood movies and the smell of fresh, buttery kernels within Your Neighborhood Theatre's 17 locations. Though all theaters prioritize comfortable seating, old-fashioned friendly service, and high-stakes preshow trivia slideshows, each location encompasses its own distinct charm, be it through arthouse décor, 3-D screens, or Rhode Island's vintage 1950's drive-in setting.

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