Crooked Creek Golf Club

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3430 Highway 9 N Alpharetta, GA 30004


Golf Instructor John Marshall can hit the golf ball a long way. While some "big hitters" are merely the product of boasting, John has the hardware to back it up. He won the American Long Drivers Association Super Senior National Championship in '05 And '06, and is a five-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship finalist.

These unconventional results come from a somewhat unconventional method. John has long used—and now teaches—a swing developed by legendary long driver Mike Austin, who once crushed a 515-yard drive at the 1974 U.S. Senior Open, the longest ever recorded in competition. As an instructor at Steel Canyon Golf Club, John illuminates the principles behind this swing that generate high club head speed without sacrificing accuracy. Lessons combine one-on-one coaching to help students get comfortable with the technique, which is likely a little different from the swing they're used to.

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