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    Up to 46% Off Seasonal New American Food at Tess
    Riverside Park
    $50 $27 0.6 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Thai Cuisine at Mai Thai Restaurant
    Lower East Side
    $30 $15 1.3 miles
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    Up to 56% Off Show and Drinks at Comedy Cafe
    Lower East Side
    $34 $17 1.6 miles
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    Karma Bar & Grill – 42% Off Brewer's Pre-Game Package
    Lower East Side
    $77 $45 1.8 miles
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    Half Off Steaks at Ward’s House of Prime
    Juneau Town
    $30 $15 2.3 miles
2632 N Downer Ave Milwaukee, WI 53211


Every day, Breadsmith kneads and breeds made-from-scratch breads, honoring the practices of centuries-old French bakers. The delectable dough sculptures receive the royal treatment, with all delicate yeast bubbles bursting inside of a 6-ton stone-hearth oven. The oven's sweltering heat creates a cushy crust for American-style breads. In the presence of lightning-quick steam injections, European-style breads take on a crisp, crumb-dressed outer core. April's daily bread offerings range from $3.65 to $7.50 a loaf and include french baguettes ($3.65), pepperjack sourdough ($7.50), country buttertop ($5.05), raisin cinnamon ($5.55), and apple pie bread ($6.70). Use today's Groupon to fill up the family with lusciously leavened loaves fresh from the oven—or wait for them to go stale and then wield them as harpoons during the next potato-soup hunt.

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