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173 N Milwaukee Street Milwaukee, WI 53202
Open Hours

Currently: Open
Mon-Fri: 6am - 9pm
Sat: 6am - 4pm


When Jon Hinds was designing Monkey Bar Gym, he drew inspiration from the playground to create a unique type of exercise that focuses on full-body workouts. The fitness regimen at the gym combines six simple skills learned as a child: running, jumping, crawling, climbing, rolling, and reacting. Jon Hinds and the certified trainers at Monkey Bar Gym have combined these principles into a high-intensity routine that was featured on Fox 6 news and in fitness publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine. “The workouts are intense, but you won’t see any training partners screaming their buddies through forced reps here,” says a reporter from Muscle & Fitness who visited the gym. “The challenges come in making the exercises as efficient as possible and constantly working to a higher level of skill and movement.”

At MBG Milwaukee, sunlight filters in to a fitness studio that resembles an industrial loft, and a set of monkey bars looms in the center of the room. Trainers Jeffrey Winzenried and April Miles helm the classes, walking students through boot-camp, yoga, and strength classes that focus on movements people make every day. Moves vary, but students can often be found doing pushups, pull-ups, resistance-band training, heavy-rope training, and gymnastics-inspired moves on suspended rings. Personal training sets patrons on the quickest path toward fitness goals, and staff at the gym also provides advice for healthy plant-based diets.

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