8th Chakra Massage and Bodyworks

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812 E 48th St Minneapolis, MN 55417


Lesleyanne, the therapist behind 8th Chakra Massage & Body Works, relieves stress by using nine different massage techniques on clients as they rest on a plush table. She begins by slathering backs with oils, lotions, and powders, so her hands can efficiently glide across knots and adhesions. She also tailors her approach to each client's needs by blending modalities such as hot stone, deep-tissue, shiatsu, lomilomi, reflexology, craniosacral work, and trigger-point therapy.

By tweaking each muscle-mending session, Lesleyanne can ease the stiffness that develops in muscles due to inactivity, stress, inconsistent sleep patterns, and living inside a dollhouse. Recipients of massage often cite benefits such as decreased recovery time after injury and reduced depression.

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