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2817 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408


As a kid, Neil Crane played multiple sports, partially due to his athletic talent and partially because he was rarely benched by injuries. The key to the latter, for him, was regular chiropractic adjustments. Nowadays, Crane is a chiropractor himself, passing on the treatment's benefits at his clinic, Core Health Chiropractic. Through his adjustments, he restores balance to his clients' nervous systems, which helps their bodies better resist disease and injury.

Crane complements his chiropractic work with CrossFit fitness classes, provided via a partnership with CrossFit Nordeast. The daily-changing classes incorporate kettlebell work, powerlifting, and cardio, but they do more than tone physiques. They also help chiropractic clients build positive movement patterns to replace unhealthy modern-day ones, which typically center on sitting at a desk all day or trying to fit your entire body inside a phone case.

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