2451 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55405


With an emphasis on freshness, Rinata's menu changes daily to take advantage of the best ingredients available. Start with the sharp, creamy tones of the baked Bulgarian feta ($6.75) or the tongue-staining comforts of beet salad ($7.25). Rinata's pizzas are bursting with gourmet flavors; hack triangles from a circle of housemade sausage with roasted fennel and fresh mozzarella ($9.75) or artichoke with olives, pesto, and fresh mozzarella ($9.75). All of Rinata's pastas are freshly made in-house to ensure that each noodle is imbued with love and the ability to see through walls. The bucatini alla amatriciana features a hollow, spaghetti-style pasta, creating a delicate al dente snap when served with pancetta, chili flakes, and tomato ($13.50).

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