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    Up to 72% Off Fitness Classes at The Firm
    $160 $49 0.0 miles
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    Up to 91% Off Boot Camp and Sports Training
    $320 $29 0.4 miles
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    Up to 80% Off Personal TRX Training Sessions
    $188 $49 0.6 miles
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    75% Off Fitness Classes at Kosama
    Multiple Locations
    $159 $39 0.6 miles
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    Up to 56% Off at Power Defense Kickboxing
    $60 $30 0.6 miles
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    44% Off a Painting Event at Local Pub
    On Location
    $45 $25 0.9 miles
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    Up to 66% Off Yoga at Jeromeo Body Clinic
    North Loop Warehouse District
    $130 $49 1.0 miles
1010 2nd Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55405


According to Minnesota Monthly, "The Firm is a sexy sort of gym." Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Self, and Seventeen all agree, having identified it as the go-to gym for an incredible workout. But it's not just the museum-sleek aesthetic or rigorous classes that make The Firm great. Rather, it's the fact that the gym constantly evolves to accommodate new fitness trends. When spinning became the hot new workout, The Firm met the demand, offering the best spinning classes in Minnesota, according to CBS Minnesota. And now that CrossFit has risen to superstardom, The Firm offers it seven days a week. The Star Tribune reports that industry veteran Kelly Miyamoto is the visionary behind the scenes. Having started her career in the 1980s, she's witnessed the rise and fall of various workouts as well as the concurrent fluctuations in the market for neon leotards.

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