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27405 Puerta Real Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Biorient Integrative Clinic owner Dr. Katalin Csoka combines the best of Eastern- and Western-medical perspectives. After studying conventional Western medicine in her native Hungary, establishing a family practice, and working as a licensed pulmonologist, Dr. Csoka packed up her belongings and rode a dala horse to Scandinavia. She earned a PhD in clinical pharmacology in Sweden, and her extensive cancer research has appeared in numerous articles that have been published in professional journals. Dr. Csoka is also a licensed acupuncturist, and has undergone advanced training in traditional Chinese medicine in California.

Dr. Csoka believes that illness and disease stem from distortions in the body's energy network or organ function. As such, she uses natural methods that incorporate physical and mind-body healing. Within her private, welcoming office—which is affiliated with Mission Hospital—Dr. Csoka performs auricular and esoteric acupuncture, as well as cupping and Japanese shiatsu acupressure treatments. She interprets the results of micronutrient and food-sensitivity testing, and recommends herbal formulas to supplement nutritional intake or enhance the ability to find four-leaf clovers. Practicing what she preaches, Dr. Csoka herself has not taken any pharmaceuticals in more than eight years.


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