Yee's Ata Black Belt Academy

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2401 E Orangeburg Ave Modesto, CA 95355
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Under the guidance of retired Marine Corps officer Master Yee, certified instructors—many of who have won world championships for sparring and weaponry—pass along the ideology that integrity goes hand-in-hand with technique. They honor the school's membership in the American Taekwondo Association by teaching Songahm tae kwon do, a style whose kicks and blocks can be taught to students of all backgrounds. While leading classes for ages 3 and older, they aim to demonstrate the ideal balance between confidence and self-control, displaying maneuvers from brick-breaking strikes to nunchuck spins.

The trainers strive to keep the learning environment friendly and noncompetitive by focusing on each individual's progress. With "positive mental attitude" and "high goal setting" at the top of their teaching priorities, they motivate students to earn advanced belts the honorable way rather than by dipping them into squid ink.