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    50% Off at Five Star Fabric House
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    44% Off Nutritional Supplements
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    $10 for Hats and Accessories at Threads for Heads
    Dutch Hill
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    45% Off Fragrances
    $55 $30 3.0 miles
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    46% Off
    On Location
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    47% Off Fabric
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    Up to 60% Off Smartphone or Phone Accessories
    $20 $10 3.8 miles
49 Claremont Ave Montclair, NJ 07042


Lecia Bianca established The Secret Lounge to help clients style themselves and be comfortable with their look and stock home closets with stylish jewelry. An interior designer, Lecia Bianca has a natural visual vocabulary, and teaching style classes and curating a collection of boutique wares helps her share this passion with others, including fashionable celeb clients such as Lauren Hill and Diana Ross. Nominated for Best of Essex awards in four categories, The Secret Lounge is the destination for the fashion forward no matter what their style. Clients call ahead to set up their personal shopping appointment or class, and when they arrive they are greeted with a gilded, chandelier-lit lounge. The Secret Lounge's dramatic, luxury-oriented decor also makes it a favorite destination for private events.

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