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Like most massage therapists, David Armstrong is interested in ridding clients of pain and increasing their range of motion. But unlike the others, he doesn't knead the part of the body experiencing pain; rather, he relies on neuromuscular therapy to discover and treat the source of the pain. He employs structural analysis, trigger-point therapy, and myofascial release, which has helped clients recover from very serious traumas. David also loves helping people de-stress during relaxing massages.

He learned his techniques from massage guru Venice Sullivan, an early pioneer of neuromuscular therapy who groomed him to follow in her footsteps. David now assists Venice in teaching neuromuscular therapy to new massage-therapy students. Clients who wish to supplement their bodywork sessions may also reach out to acupuncture specialist Glenn Sadowsky, who clients with natural medicine and acupuncture at Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork. In addition to easing chronic and acute pain, while managing weight-loss goals, endocrine disorders, and asthma/allergies for his clients, he also shares herbal-supplement benefits with them.

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