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30 Lafayette Ave Morristown, NJ 07960


At American & Mexican Grill, chefs prepare exactly what you would expect: American and Mexican food. Yet this straightforward, family-owned eatery might still surprise taste buds with the booming flavors that pop from bistec a la mexicana—a grilled steak topped with sautéed onions—and from the quesadillas, packed with cheese, chicken, or steak and optionally fried to a golden brown. Other Mexican specialties include chilies rellenos and enchiladas, which are smothered in either a light green sauce or a rich mole with chocolaty undertones.

North of the border, the chefs assemble a handful of half-pound burgers and wraps packed with buffalo chicken, philly cheesesteaks, or gyros. A BYOB eatery, the grill encourages patrons to pop open a bottle of wine or beer at no extra cost. Drinks in hand, diners can enjoy live entertainment and cheer as another brave soul agrees to take on the 3-foot-burrito challenge.


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