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    Up to 61% Off Haircut Packages or Blowouts
    Bedford Hills
    $95 $37 0.6 miles
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    61% Off Complete Invisalign Treatment
    Mount Kisco
    $7,700 $2,999
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    90% Off a Dental Exam and Zoom! Whitening
    Mount Kisco
    $990 $99 1.3 miles
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    Half Off 20 Units of Botox
    Mount Kisco
    $300 $149 1.5 miles
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    Up to 60% Off at Lala Rouge Beauty Boutique and Spa
    Bedford Hills
    $100 $40 1.6 miles
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    Up to 65% Off at L'Rose Salon
    L'Rose Salon
    $100 $35 2.0 miles
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    Up to 84% Off Bike with Buddha Classes
    Mount Kisco
    $250 $40 2.0 miles
272 N Bedford Rd Mount Kisco, NY 10549


Unlike spas that spread their expertise over a range of services, the technicians at Laser Luxury focus on a single goal: to remove unwanted hair. As such, they do it right. Their principle tool for the job is the Candela GentleYag laser, which is calibrated to vanquish hair from virtually any area of the body. While it’s zapping follicles, the laser works to enhance comfort by coating the skin with a topical anesthetic from its built-in cryogen system. After treatments are done, the staff further cools the skin with any necessary ice packs and instructs clients on how to care for their newly hair-free skin.

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