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    51% Off Acupressure Massage at PSW Acupuncture
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Hypnotherapy often conjures up images of magician-like performers who cause audience members to strut around the stage like chickens. But for professional hypnotherapist Rich D. Rios, Jr., this type of stage hypnotherapy is vastly different than what he does. As he promises on his website, he won’t make anyone cluck like a chicken unless that is their goal. Instead, the master's-degree-holding Rios, who is trained in basic, clinical, advanced, and medical hypnotherapy, helps his clients reach a controlled, trance-like state. This process is designed to keep them completely conscious and able to delve into entrenched issues or solve complex crossword puzzles. Through in-depth, one-on-one sessions, Rios helps his clients address concerns such as smoking, chronic pain, and phobias.

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