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In 1986, Scott Wells' friend introduced him to the world of[automotive window tinting), and Scott became hooked on the benefits. As the decades went by, Scott found more applications for window tinting, including residential buildings and giants in need of sunglasses. His efforts paid off in 2003, when Scott realized the dream of opening his own business and created ProTint (formerly ARC Window Tinting).

The most popular reason for window tinting, Scott says, is to block out the heat. On the surface, this may seem a simple response, but a decrease in heat renders many ancillary benefits, including increased energy efficiency and decreased air-conditioning costs. The tints also guard against up to 99 percent of UV rays and can prevent shattering, helping protect homes from strong winds during tornadoes or hurricanes. Scott's products have cosmetic applications as well, and his crew can create frosted designs such as geometric shapes or written insults aimed at the sun.

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