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1602 West Northfield Boulevard Murfreesboro, TN 37129


After two years studying under the creator of the BarreAmped workout, Jen Ashcraft brought her certification and BarreAmped license to Murfreesboro, where she now teaches daily, dance-inspired classes. While the method is influenced by classical ballet techniques, Jen requires no dance experience to participate. During each session, she teaches small, isometric dance movements with yoga-like concentration and Pilates core work to build lean muscle mass. To achieve the full effect of each exercise, Jen has students hold certain isolated poses and make movements so subtle they could fool any laser security system in a movie. In more advanced classes, Jen introduces cardio elements to burn fat and calories.

Yoga classes, which are taught by instructor Jennifer Craze, are also available. Together Jen and Jennifer have created a haven for health and wellness through their robust class schedules and mind-body emphasis.

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