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    76% Off Boot-Camp and/or Kickboxing Classes at Solid Fit Club
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    55% Off
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    Up to 94% Off Martial Arts Classes
    Multiple Locations
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40974 California Oaks Road Murrieta, CA 92562


Flickering candles exude the aromas of lavender and eucalyptus. Nearby, the soft bubbling of a waterfall mingles with slow puffs from a Chinese flute. Though these images may evoke some mythical paradise, LaRue's Massage & Bodywork carries this scene into the realm of reality. Before all else, registered and certified therapists establish trust with their clients by working within their comfort zone through communication and uninterrupted touch. Next, phones are silenced as staffers induce an escape-like experience and ease away stressful thoughts such as whether or not the garage door was left home alone. LaRue's knowledgeable kneaders come equipped with skills to perform a wide range of therapeutic and holistic services, and any treatment can be customized to specific needs. As clients return to the outside world cleansed of worldly troubles, crews scrub all surfaces to ward off the singing cowboys that dust attracts and leave gleaming massage tables ready for the next patron.