Bayside Balloons

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4646 Domestic Avenue Naples, FL 34104


From a distance, the restaurant patio looks as though it’s been taken over by blue octopi. But a closer look reveals that what might have appeared to be creatures from the deep are actually artistic balloon sculptures several feet tall, their long lines and curly inflated base evoking the waves of the calm ocean just beyond the patio’s view. Eye-grabbing yet never out of place, Bayside Balloons’ inflatable installments accentuate—even help to define—their surroundings, putting party guests in festive moods and drumming up conversation about their unique shapes and designs. The company’s creative balloon displays have even popped up on sidewalks, museum openings, and restaurants across Naples. Though the floating sculptures, arches, and centerpieces look fanciful, Bayside Balloon’s curators also tend to their practical aspects, designing them to withstand elements such as sun, wind, or a porcupine’s birthday party.

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