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959 28th Ave N Naples, FL 34103


The pedicure pros at Polished Nail Boutique prettify extremities with an array of moisturizing salves and skillful grooming techniques. Choose from a monthly rotating lineup of aromatic themes, such as papaya star, mandarin honey, and white tea, which restore moisture to the skin while making patrons smell like they got into a fistfight with a produce stand. Each nail is pared and filed to the desired shape and length before an exfoliant is rubbed into the hands, feet, and legs, reliving them of dead-skin freeloaders. The adept aesthetician then applies a moisturizing ointment and dips appendages into melted paraffin, coating them in skin-softening wax and eliminating the need to stomp on lit birthday cakes. Finally, muscles de-stress with a leg and arm massage, which is followed by a coat of nail polish in the desired hue. Opt for Shellac or Minx nail art at an additional cost to make nails resemble the stained glass windows of an ant cathedral.