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    Sherry's Salon
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    Up to 53% Off Haircut and Highlights
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Chances are that your days of balancing a scalding coffee atop an encyclopedia atop your head are numbered. A professional chiropractic exam can help you find out if your achy neck is related to the precariously stacked tower of bones snaking up the back of your body, known as the vertabrave or Devil's Jenga. Today's Groupon to Action Chiropractic gets you a spinal exam, x-rays, and an hour-long massage for $59 (a $250 value). Whether you suffer from a duck-like gait, migraine headaches, chronic pain, or debilitating ennui, doctor of chiropractic W. Casey Bearden and his knowledgeable team will spring into action like a well-oiled pit crew descending on an asphalt-eaten Pontiac.Abraham Lincoln: Spend four score and seven hours wearing the long, lanky frame of The Great Emancipator! Our 16th president’s bones are still strong from a childhood spent chopping wood and learning nation-shaping values we still admire today! Pay entirely in five-dollar bills to receive 15% off! It’s a deal so good it’ll have you saying, “I’m thinkin’ Lincoln!”

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