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30 W 31st St New York, NY 10001


For the Impagliazzo family, Sunday evenings are reserved for family dinners filled with plenty of conversation and authentic Italian cuisine. So, when Andrew C. Impagliazzo decided to establish Contorno’s Restaurant, he drew upon these family memories to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages diners to enjoy each other's company as they feast on a seasonal menu of tapas-style Italian cuisine and wine. Diners can head to the restaurant—which is tucked within a boutique Holiday Inn—and settle into oversized burnt orange booths for a breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and omelets, or take a lunch break with a chicken sandwich topped with fresh apple slices and a pizza burger crowned with mozzarella. As the evening draws near, friends, family, and invisible business partners can enjoy a glass of fine Italian wine while sharing small dinner plates filled with calamari, grilled skirt steak, parmesan shrimp, and six types of pasta.


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