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    Half Off Kimono Set Rental
    New York
    $80 $40 0.1 miles
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    55% Off Women's Clothing
    New York
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    Half Off Gold Items at GEM Pawnbrokers
    Multiple Locations
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    Half Off Phones and Accessories at Stop-N-Go Wireless
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    Half Off Women's Jewelry
    Garment District
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    American Apparel — 57% Off Circle Scarf
    Multiple Locations
    $28 $12 0.3 miles
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    Up to 67% Off Custom Menswear from Legacy New York
    $269.96 $100
313 W 37th St New York, NY 10018


Inside, white velour drapes cascade from 17-foot ceilings to the floor, where diffused lighting casts a soft glow across a studded sofa. Outside, sunlight washes over the rooftop, illuminating models as they pose against the sea of brick and windows that makes up Manhattan’s garment district. At Image Powerhouse, a team of photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and videographers frame images within both scenes, meticulously setting up each shoot, from individual boudoir sessions to group shots. Fully using their 2,500-square-foot studio and rooftop, the artists create signature set designs that draw upon vintage aesthetics, modern lines, and industrial textures. Image Powerhouse also rents out its studio and library of production resources—which even includes a karaoke system—so that patrons can amplify bridal showers or continue convincing their parents that they’ve made it as a rock star.

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