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    Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Treatments at Skin Spa New York
    Multiple Locations
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    Up to 65% Off an Acne Facial or Cortisone Injections
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    Up to 64% Off Massages and Facials at Supple Spa
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    Warren-Tricomi – Up to 58% Off Eyebrow and Makeup Services
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    Up to 61% Off Hair Services at Capelli D'Oro 5th Ave Salon
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    Up to 63% Off Facial Treatments
    Midtown South Central
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    Up to 54% Off Massage Treatments at Skin Spa New York
    Multiple Locations
    $100 $49 0.1 miles
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It generally takes about six laser treatments to completely banish unwelcome hair, which is why you are conveniently able to combine two Groupons for a total of six sessions on one area. Those who don't want to go completely body bald but just want to thin out and lighten up a particularly hairy situation can simply get fewer sessions than the magic six. Upon your first visit, a clinic director will help set up your individualized treatment regimen to establish the frequency and number of visits necessary to achieve desired results. Use this initial consultation to ask pertinent questions or to swap apple-streusel recipes with your lasersmith.

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