Le Perigord

1 405 E 52nd St New York, NY 10022


Check out Le Périgord's menu and examine the exquisite French cuisine described as "scintillating" in this New York Times review. It's full of refined and delicious dishes that are exemplars of French culinary art. Even the most blasé bon vivant will be impressed with Le Périgord's haute cuisine. Even Crain's New York was in awe. It's hard to impress the business people at Crain's because they are usually too preoccupied comparing the kitchen team's efficiency with their Swiss watches to fully savor the subtleties of fine dining. While the Crain's crew didn't entirely break their bad habit, it does seem that they truly enjoyed their experience at Le Perigord. Here's what they said: "The new kitchen team is as consistent as a Swiss watch, deft in meats as in seafood, and quickly developing a new dessert identity....light but lingering fruit-based specials augment Le Périgord's familiar and friendly trolley of tarts, mousses and floating islands."

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