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1255 2nd Ave New York, NY 10065


Trusted by an international array of designer and celebrity clientele such as Chanel and Barbara Walters for their garment savvy and sunny dispositions, Madame Paulette's couture cleansers have banished stains and grime from delicate wearables with prime equipment since 1959. A patented, detail-oriented process gently lifts dirt away from the fragile fibers of wool, cashmere, or silk garments, preventing shrinkage by keeping the garments away from water and free of embarrassment. Furs, leathers, and suede receive a suds-free cleanse sensitive to the delicate dyes they may contain, before a glazing technique returns essential oils to keep threads shiny and pliable. Meticulous cleaners immortalize a wedding day's starring outfit with preservation and sealing techniques that ensure future generations can see the family heirloom and evidence of ‘80s day-glo gowns with their own eyes.

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