Pollo El Provocon

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1495 Saint Nicholas Ave New York, NY 10033
Open Hours

Currently: Open
Mon-Sun: 12am - 11:59pm


At Pollo El Provocon, chefs showcase traditional Puerto Rican and Dominican cuisine into meats and platters using ingredients that evoke the islands. Rotisserie chicken roasts over a wood fire, saving precious coal for snowman decoration and imbuing the poultry with a rich, smoky finish. Many island-infused appetizers swim laps in the fryer before parading across plates wearing crispy golden coats, and nine mofongo options stuffed with a choice of meat, seafood, or cheese bring the flavors of the Caribbean to each plate. After downing a family combo of filling selections that include rib racks and whole rotisserie chickens, exotic fruit shakes extinguish lingering belly fires with their sweet juice infusions.

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