38 E 32nd St New York, NY 10016


Imagine an adult-sized jungle gym, complete with tunnels and rubbery mats and lots of equipment to lift, push and stand on. But, instead of playground monitors, there are drill instructors – mean ones – looking to scream, yell and push every participant to be their absolute best. That’s the idea behind Pure Power Boot Camp on 32nd Street, just off Madison Avenue. The military-borrowed boot camp phenomenon, as a way to improve fitness levels is nothing new, but at Pure Power, with its camouflage greens, blacks and browns that color the hard-working space, the notion is taken to a whole other level. Hard-charging fitness instructors bark out the next set of moves as “recruits” move through their current “tour of duty.” From one-off corporate training events to weekly sessions in the tough space, Pure Power Boot Camp is perfect for getting into the warrior mindset.

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