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80 Leonard St New York, NY 10013


Shibumi Spa, led by director Soli Davis—an acclaimed aesthetician and stylist with more than 30 years' experience—specializes in holistic treatments for both body and spirit. During the one-hour BIONOVA custom facial, the BIONOVA skin-care product, containing the same 300 natural elements and ingredients found in human skin, will go to work on the body's freckle farm, ousting dead cells and opening up plugged pores. In addition to its efficiency in exfoliation and extraction, the BIONOVA product is a key ally in the beauty battle against acne armies, wrinkle-warriors, and platoons of poor pigmentation. Included with the BIONOVA treatment is a face/hand massage medley of various styles, including the digit-doting techniques of shiatsu and the tissue-juncture focus of the Ayurvedic marma points massage, ensuring that fingers are ready for next month's full-contact rock-paper-guillotine tournament.

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