Sutton Dog Parlour Kennel

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311 E 60th St New York, NY 10022


The pet professionals at Sutton Dog Parlour comfort away-from-home critters with boarding and animal services for dogs, cats, and birds. Inside the facility, dogs enjoy their own private quarters in a run or corral, taking catnaps on a raised bed or discussing the Dog Food and Drug Administration's latest ruling on chicken bones with nearby canines. Cats hunker down in their own quarters, and birds with the proper health certificates lounge about while nibbling on fruits, veggies, seeds, and Nutri-Berries. During doggy playcare, Spots and Rovers romp through a private 2,500-square-foot park enclosed by tall fences. In the summertime, wade pools keep paws cool and clean. A supply shop helps owners feed and entertain furry or feathered friends once they are back at home.

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