The Hill

1 416 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10016


As New York Times reporter Jeff Vandam explains, Murray Hill is a hard neighborhood to pin down. Quiet rows of brownstones and apartment buildings contrast with a lively pub scene geared toward the 20-somethings who have recently become more of a fixture in recent years. Like the neighborhood it calls home, The Hill has somewhat of a split personality. From afternoon through early evening, it is predominantly a sports bar. More than 25 HD televisions broadcast live games in the bar and upstairs lounge as post-collegiate fans cheer on their alma maters over plates of sliders and pots of fondue. As soon as the action wraps up though, things start to get interesting. Candlelight replaces the flickering glow of TV screens, as the bar transforms into a stylish lounge for Murray Hill’s sophisticated set. Polychromatic planks of wood line the walls on both floors, giving guests something interesting to admire when the bartenders take a break from stirring up lemon drop martinis or juggling bottles of Fiji water.

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