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61 McMillan Way Newark, DE 19713


A portmanteau of the surnames of founders Ian Hardin and Derek Batman, Hardbat CrossFit more than lives up to its tough-sounding moniker. Hardin and Batman combine the principles of CrossFit, which emphasize ever-changing workouts of cardio and lifting exercises, with a scientific focus on nutrition and technique to craft intense, adaptable fitness programs. Their crew of passionate trainers draws skills from diverse backgrounds, from Christina Ruggiero's career as a lifeguard and an award-winning collegiate swimmer to Hardin's degree in exercise science and resumé of fitness certifications. Whether sweating through one-hour boot camps or tackling the CrossFit workout of the day, Hardbat's students perform exercises that blend intensity and functionality, such as Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, and python wrestling.

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